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1573 Appeal

An invitation to become a founding donor of the Middle Temple Charity.

Celebrating our past. Protecting the future.

With a donation you can become a founding donor of the Middle Temple Charity and be part of our endeavours to the Inn continue to thrive – now and in the future – for the benefit of society

Now it’s your turn to help ensure a fair and representative legal system for years to come.

Please become a founding donor of the Middle Temple Charity today.

Become a founding donor of the Middle Temple Charity.

The 1573 Appeal is being launched by Middle Temple Charity as part of the commemorations of the 450th anniversary of the completion of Middle Temple Hall.

By supporting the 1573 Appeal you will help provide critical funding that will be applied solely to a range of charitable activities supported or carried out by the Inn, in accordance with the charitable purposes of Middle Temple Charity.

Benchers, members, and supporters of the Inn are invited, by contributing, to become founding donors of Middle Temple Charity, thus enabling its charitable objectives to be achieved – in each case for the public benefit.

donate celebrating women in law

‘If we are to encourage the next generation of barristers… we need to support them and to encourage people from different backgrounds to apply. If I can help with that I will. I was helped along the way so I need to repay the favour.”


In 2023, we were able to award scholarships totalling around £1,000,000. With the establishment of the new charity, we aspire to increase the annual scholarship allocation, thereby fostering excellence, diversity, and broadened access to the profession.


The preservation and maintenance of Middle Temple’s cherished artefacts and buildings stands as an imperative duty. With your support, we aim to ensure the safeguarding and restoration of these treasures for generations to come.

Fund for the Future

To address unforeseen circumstances and secure our enduring presence, Middle Temple Charity is establishing a forward-looking reserve fund. This fund enable us to adapt swiftly and provide further charitable support to the Inn and its community.

By helping to launch this new charitable initiative you can help to ensure a bold, ambitious future in which Middle Temple & our members continue to create public benefit.

Donate hardship fund