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Heritage Fund

The Inn has a rich, complex, and fascinating history. Many notable people have connections with Middle Temple including Queen Elizabeth I and Charles Dickens. The Inn has also been a power for change, being the first Inn to admit women to the Bar.

The Hall dates to 1574 and its very fabric could tell many a tale of the comings and goings throughout the centuries. The Inn was known as a benevolent place, tending for many foundlings, and giving out food boxes until as recently as the Victorian era.

Rare Books

Part of the heritage of Middle Temple lays in our collection of rare books and manuscripts. Nearly four centuries of use, and damage resulting from fire, flood and the Second World War, have left many books in a deteriorated condition and in urgent need of repair and conservation.

Conservation of rare books and manuscripts is highly intricate and specialised and can only be carried out by trained professionals.

Each restoration is based on a case-by-case assessment and can cost upwards of £2000. To preserve these rare books and manuscripts for future generations we are asking for your help.